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Starting a Blog

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Q: I have heard of blogs and kind of know what they are. My question is what do you write on a blog, like stuff thats on your mind or just whatever? And what websites can i logon to to start blogs?.

A: Blogs come in all shapes and sizes. Each site has it’s own primary focus. On this site, I try to answer questions as a mother would do. That’s why it’s called Advice From Mom. I answer questions from readers like you. I also write short articles which give advice that a mom would give. My son has a site call Today I Found Out. He loves learning and so blogs on new things which he has ‘found out’. There are many other sites out there which have written content. These might be self-help, photography, parenting, etc. There are also blogs which give information on how to make crafts and may even sell the finished product. Some sites have no written content at all. These may be maintained by people who love animals and so have animal pictures, or people who enjoy scenery or funny pictures.

If you want to start a blog, you first have to decide what interests you. Do you have expertise in a certain area that others could benefit from? Once you’ve found your niche, you can start a blog. To start a blog, you need to obtain a domain name. Mine is Then choose a hosting service. Designing a website is not something I do but I am informed that there are many tutorials that make this part of your project fairly easy. My husband does all my computer work for me. I only do the writing portion of this site. I recommend that you find another site which has more indepth information regarding websites. I’m certain there are many out there that can give you better information than I have available.