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Swimming Party

Friday, April 6th, 2012

I am going to have a birthday party at MY house and I was wondering what fun things we could do there other than swimming Thanks for your help If you need any information please email me I want it to be so much fun

A: A pool party is a lot of fun for everyone. Great idea. There are numerous games you can play at your party that will get everyone laughing and having fun. You could try a water balloon race where the guests make two teams. Give each player a balloon filled with water. Everyone races to a chair on the other side of the pool and sits on the water balloon to break it. The first team to have all players pop their balloons is the winner. Another fun activity is to have a cannonball competition to see who can make the biggest splash. For more fun, toss a bunch of pennies in the pool. Have everyone jump in to retrieve the pennies one at a time. The person with the biggest pile at the end wins. And, of course, there is always the water wars games. Grab some water guns or water balloons or sponges and start soaking each other. Be sure to have plenty of pizza and snacks available. Water games can make you VERY hungry. Happy birthday and have lots of fun.

Grandma’s Can Be So Disorganized!

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

How on earth do the Duggar parents keep up on the family birthdays? I only have 6 kids and 12 grandkids and I can’t keep up. My total is 18. They win. But how do they keep track?

The other day I received an email from my daughter who lives out of state. She told me how happy her son – my grandson – was with the present he got for his birthday. Dang! How did that one slide past me again. Admittedly, I wasn’t even aware it was December until 5 days after it had arrived. Time kind of blurs for me. I only learned that December had arrived when my husband asked me if it was my brothers birthday. I assured him that my brother’s birthday wasn’t until December. He assured me it was December 5th and my grandsons birthday had zipped by again! And then, just the next week my brother-in-law’s birthday whizzed over my head while I was preparing for Christmas.

Something has to be done!

Calendars won’t work for me. I can never find them. I have either put them somewhere safe or left them somewhere obvious for the dogs to chew to shreds. Either way, they’re lost to me. My sister suggests putting them on my phone so my phone will beep and warn me but I am technologically challenged so putting them on the phone is not possible for me. Someone else could do it for me but it probably wouldn’t help. The phone would beep and I would assume it wanted charged. Not going to work. Now, at this point, I can see 4 of my children pleading to be told they’re adopted and the other two just sighing with relief because they actually are but this is a serious problem for me. I’m writing about it because I can’t believe I’m alone in trying to get my life organized.

It’s okay to send a quick text or email to an adult to say ‘happy birthday’ but it’s not okay to do that to the grandkids. Grandchildren should always know they are special and loved by Grandma. So I have devised a plan. I always remember that May and October are birthday months. Why? Because there are 4 birthdays in May and 4 more in October. Wouldn’t it be easier if everyone had birthdays in the same month? So from now on, everyone’s birthday is in July! It’ll be perfect. It’s in the middle of the year at a time when the kids are starting to get bored with summer, it’s too hot to go outside, and they have Christmas in July sales so the presents can be good. For what more could you ask? July will be a big, resounding ’happy birthday to you!’ to all of my children and their offspring. A new tradition has begun. (To my adult kids = wipe those looks off your faces and go tell your children grandma just got a really good idea.)

If any of you with large families have any better ideas, I’m open to suggestion. Until then, the grandkids will have a reason to look forward to July.