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Sunday, September 1st, 2013

The Little Guy is three months old now. The world around him is becoming very intriquing to him. We hung little toys on the bars of his swing so they were just barely within his reach. At first, he just watched them in fascination. But lately, he’s begun to try to reach for them.

His little hands fly up above his face as they reach for the toys. This distracts him because he hasn’t quite fully realized that those hands are attached to him.

He watches them fly around above him, getting more and more excited the faster they move. Suddenly, one of his little hands makes contact with one of the toys. As his hands do with anything they touch, they grabbed the toy in a death grip. Now, not only were the hands moving but the toys were moving as well. His excitement knew no bounds. The more excited he became, the faster everything moved above him. At first, this was cause for a giggle. Then it got kind of scary. Everything was moving so quickly and he didn’t know how to stop it. His little fists had been taught to hold on and now, when he needed to, he didn’t know how to let go. He needed rescuing.

As adults, we face a similar situation in the habits we form. At first, they are fascinating. So we grab hold and start swinging. These little habits bring us so much joy, sometimes making us feel really cool. Any teenager who ever started smoking knows that ‘coolness’ factor. Finally reaching the age of 21 and being allowed to drink is a milestone many wait for eagerly. Some even sneak in early to that milestone because it makes them feel soooo very sophisticated and suave. There are other more insidious habits like illegal drugs, even some legal drugs, pornography addictions, and many other things that destroy the fabric of our lives when we hold on to them too tightly. Sometimes we need rescued.

Remember this if there is a habit in your life that is hurting you and you don’t know how to let go. Seek out the ones who do know. Sometimes it’s in support groups with people who have been there before you.

Sometimes it’s in counseling. Sometimes it’s as simple as reaching out to the ones you love for help. Whatever it is that is making your life less than what you want it to be, find a way to let it go.


Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Q: For your next post, perhaps you can address the issue of commenting addiction, and tell me how to get my life back.

A:  I think you are well on the road to getting your life back simply by accepting that you have an addiction.  Many people with addiction problems need to be confronted by concerned family members and friends before they will seek help.  You have taken that step on your own.  You may have tried to take that step before but addiction is a two step forward, one step back type of problem.   Others may have given up on you because of this or won’t believe that you truly are trying.  Ignore them!  Keep focused on your goal and you will make it.  Please don’t try to make it alone!  There are many who have gone through recovery before you who will be willing to help you through each step.  Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, etc can be found in all communities.  If you have a substance abuse problem, you will need to seek medical help as well.  Detoxing on your own can be dangerous.  If you don’t have insurance or just don’t know where to start, please call 1-800-662-4357.  Simply tell them where you live and what your particular addiction is and they will help you locate a group or facility near you that can help regardless of your financial situation.   There may be times when it will feel like recovery is just too hard.  You will be tempted to give up.  Don’t!!  Keep going.  Call your friends who are trying to help you in your recovery.  Keep them close.  Call members of the group you have joined.  They, too, have gone through the tough times and can help you just by being there.  You will make it if you just keep on trying.  Most importantly, the positive changes you will see in your life will be worth every step you take.