Mom”s not a counselor: Although she”s spent a lot of time listening to the problems of those she loves.

Mom”s not a psychiatrist or a doctor: Even if the commercials do say she’s Dr. Mom.

She may act like a lawyer on occasion when she”s had to get at the truth from reluctant teens: But she’s not a real Lawyer.

Mom doesn’t have any letters behind her name: All she has is common sense and life experience, which, most of the time is all the advice you really need.

Her childcare expertise comes from hands-on experience. If you need more help, Mom might suggest it to you, but in case she does not, be sure to trust your own instinct when it tells you to get professional help.

Post a comment: Mom accepts that she may not know everything. So she”s opened the website for others to give their opinions as well. For everyone”s protection, no identifying information is ever given on the website. So when you”re giving your advice, please don”t use your full name. You may use initials, your first name, or a nickname. Also, don”t disclose your address, phone number, email address or any other identifying information.

Mom also DOES NOT allow pornography, sales pitches, or excessive profanity. If your advice or questions are higher than a PG or PG-13 rating, they will be deleted.


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