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Q: Great discussion and I appreciate your input. Quick question. We are making plans to install wordpress ourselves. Can you point out a good resource for templates and the best plug ins to make it easy for staff to update content in a nice user friendly way? Thx in advance.

A: I had to poll my husband for the answer to this question because I am technologically disadvantaged (which should answer your question about your staff updating content).  We got our wordpress templet through They have free templates and everything you need to set up your site.  Our website hosting is through Voda Host. They offer several website builders along with a video for setting up websites. These websites come with the wordpress blog at no additional cost. He tells me it was quite simple to set up. They have a forum page to ask questions on how to do things and to see what other people do. All that was necessary to set up our wordpress was to add our logo, the pull down options, and contact information.


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