Small Dogs

Q: A couple months ago, I bought the cutest little dog. She is adorable. The breeder says she is a Chorkie (half yorkie, half Chihuahua). I love her. I can hardly wait to get home from work and hold her. She sleeps in my bed and shares my dinner with me. She’s the best roommate ever! She gives me wonderful companionship and never wants the remote. She has started biting though. If she gets angry with me for anything she actually nips at me. I’m not sure what that is about. I saw you had a yorkie. Do they nip like that?

A: I’m no vet or dog trainer but I do know that little dogs can get small dog syndrome. I’m not sure exactly what that is. It has something to do with being tiny and spoiled. Which may be your dog’s problem. I have several dogs so the other thing that comes to my mind is the alpha male attitude. Dogs historically ran in packs with one dog giving the orders. If you don’t establish yourself as the ‘alpha male’ – or the dog giving the orders – your dog will try to take that role. It sounds to me like your little one has decided that she is the boss in your home and is nipping at you when you step out of line. If I were you, I’d nip that behavior in the bud – no pun intended . I like to use the tube at the end of a paper towel roll instead of the traditional rolled up newspaper. I’m always afraid the newspaper will actually hurt the dogs but I know the paper towel tube won’t. I gently smack their little bottom when they try something like that just so they know I am in charge. I also use the spray bottle of water for discipline, usually when mine are barking. (When you have more than one dog, barking can be a problem if you don’t control it). So, basically, my dogs know I’m the boss or the ‘alpha male’ in the group. As soon as your little one accepts that you love her but you are the boss, I think your trouble with nipping will end.


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