Verse of the Day

Matthew 1: 1-17

The genealogy of Jesus in Matthew is traced through Joseph. I won’t copy all of it from the Bible. You can look it up and read it for yourself.

It interests me to note that Joseph was not the genetic father of Jesus but, by law, he was the legal father and so Jesus was his legal heir.  It was an important point to the Father. Important enough to place it in the Bible. It interests me because, in essence, it says Jesus was adopted but was also fully heir to his adopted father. Jesus was totally his son, enough so that His family tree was traced through Joseph.  But he was also the Son of God. Interesting concept. We, too, are adopted. We are adopted by God through Jesus. We are fully his heirs. We are fully members of His family. Not outsiders. Brothers and Sisters of Christ. May we always live so that He is not ashamed of who we are or what we do.


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