Wedding Guest Dilemna

Q:I am a sophomore in college this year. I have been staying with my father this summer. I have mostly lived with him as I have been growing up. He has had a lot of different girlfriends, some who have lived with us, and two that I have close relationships with. I am getting married next summer and want to invite some of my father’s old girlfriends to the wedding. His new girlfriend, who is almost my age, is really upset. My father hasn’t said  much. Do you think I should?

A: I think that this is your wedding and the people that have been close to you should be invited to help you celebrate this occasion. If your father objected to his old girlfriends attending you might want to give it further thought. After all, your parents are the ones who have always had your best interests at heart. They are also the ones who have been with you all your life and will continue to do so as long as they live. Since he doesn’t seem to be objecting, I would say go ahead with your plans to invite whomever you choose.


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