August 7th Quote of the Day

•”Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”
Albert Einstein

I know a few people who subscribe wholeheartedly to this attitude. Reality is an illusion so why not just shape it to fit yourself.

If something isn’t the way you like it or want it, just make up a story and stick to it! Who cares if nobody else saw the same thing you did? Who cares if nobody else remembers things the way you do? It’s an illusion anyway so just enjoy the one you made and let the others enjoy their memories. So what if people call you delusional, daft, wacko and other not-so-favorable names. You like your life the way you remember it. Let the rest of the world beat their heads against brick walls when you come around because you just don’t care!


Let me say to those of you dealing with people like that – give up on the idea of changing them.  They are not going to come around! You are just going to give yourself a headache hitting those brick walls.


After all, what is the reason for working to change them? Just because they’re wrong? They like themselves that way! People only change when they are ready. If they have no reason suitable for them to want to change, they won’t. If you’re trying to work with them because what they are doing and saying is hurting themselves or others, then give yourself that headache. It’s worth it if you can keep someone from hurting themselves.

But if it’s not hurting anyone, let it go. If hanging around them just bugs you that much, then distance yourself wherever you can. I realize family members, co-workers and others aren’t so easy to avoid but you can limit your contact. For your own peace of mind, for your own emotional well-being, sometimes that’s all you can do. If you have to meet up with them – if you have to take a stand because others are being harmed – then do it.


If not, there are plenty of other people who are uplifting to be around and who can ease your daily walk.


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