Parenthood Has It’s Drawbacks

Parenthood has it’s drawbacks. This is something that you will start noticing almost immediately upon conception. For mom, it’s morning sickness and mood swings. For dad, it’s mom’s mood swings and her cravings. Everyone assures you that this will pass the moment that little bundle of joy is placed in your arms. They tell you the little one will be worth it all. You live for that moment. You live through the back aches, the Lamaze classes, the sleep deprivation caused by a kicking ball in your stomach (that incidentally, you thought was so cute the first time you felt it.) You live through the 4 a.m. dash to the hospital followed by several hours of contractions until the final moment the little one is placed in your arms. For some, this moment is pure joy. For others, it is a combination of wonder and fear – maybe even panic – as you realize that you are responsible for this little thing in your arms and you wonder what on earth you have done.

So you bring the little one home. You realize that you aren’t going to be sleeping the night for quite some time but everyone assures you that this sweet bundle will be worth every moment. Once home, you realize that people have glossed over the wet and dirty diapers and the smell in the house from the wet and dirty diapers. No one mentioned that you would spend the next six months to a year with spit-up on every outfit you have been wearing for more than 10 minutes. They’ve also failed to mention the panic you feel when the little one cries and you don’t know what’s wrong! You’re the parent. You should instinctively know, right? Not so. You don’t always know.

You stumble on through parenthood. As the toddler years approach, you dash around inserting child guards on electrical outlets, child locks on cupboard doors (which smash your fingers every third time you try to open the darn thing). The terrible twos arrive. As the little bundle of joy throws himself screaming and kicking on the floor, you feel the natural pull to join him. Most parents do manage to control themselves and maintain a mature demeanor, especially if others are around. Three-year-olds scream ‘I hate you!’ at least twice a day, four-year-olds are fairly human, five-year-olds know everything because their kindergarten teacher told them (You aren’t their teacher. You will never reach that lofty height.) Children continue through life causing all kinds of chaos as they go. You – the parent – have to maintain self-control while properly training this less-than-perfect human being you have brought into the world.

So, if parenthood has all these drawbacks, why on earth do we do this to ourselves? The answer is simple. Every now and then some magic occurs; the baby smiles at you for the first time, you watch them sleep and realize how beautiful they are, the little one laughs in pure delight at a new discovery, they sleepily crawl into your lap and say “I love you Mommy”. It’s at these points that you realize that others may have glossed over the downside of parenting but they were right about one thing. This little one is worth it all


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  1. Its amazing how the transition takes place from tiny, cute and huggable to running around ball of energy, but still it is the greatest blessing in life.

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