Graduating from College Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Q: What is the best way for a recent creative writing grad to get an agent?

A: I am hardly the most qualified person to answer this question. There are literally hundreds of published authors out there who will give you significantly better advice. I strongly recommend that you spend some time researching this information on the internet and checking out some books from your local library. As a creative writing grad, you may have encountered agents in some of your classes who could give you pointers as well.

My advice to you would be to spend a lot of time writing. Before you can actually get an agent to represent you, you must prove that you can and will discipline yourself to write consistently. One way to do this is to write articles for magazines (or blogs). Send them out regularly. Plan on being rejected. Keep at it until you begin to have a portfolio of published articles. Once you have accomplished this, an agent will be more likely to want to work with you since he/she will be certain that you have the self-discipline to continue until you have completed a project. There aren’t very many writers who are overnight successes. Writing, like any other career, takes perseverance to succeed. Being a college graduate gives you a step-up from the crowd. Unfortunately, it won’t have agents pounding at your door. The student who graduates as a business major won’t become CEO of a company the moment he leaves college. He has to work his way to that position. You will have to work your way up also. Good luck!


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