Caring for Your Husky Dog

Q: I am planning to get a sometime and was wonder how can I keep them cool during the summer, I do understand the responsibility and the amount of the exercise required. How could I keep them cool while I am not at home Can I put ice cubes in there water Can I put a kiddie pool on my patio and just leave them outside with water Please and Thank you

A: I have never owned a Husky and have never known anyone who did so I did some research on this question. I found several really good websites that will give you information about the Husky. Apparently, their coat protects them from both heat and cold. As far as leaving them unattended, that doesn’t seem to be a good idea. The Husky is known for being an escape artist and can easily jump 8’ fences and loves to dig under those it can’t jump over. To give you further information, I have listed a couple of the websites I found most interesting. They are:—the-Dos-and-Donts&id=1234066

The Husky seems like a great dog to own. Good luck and enjoy your new pet.


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