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Apartment Gardening

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Q: With the price of gas lately, I’ve been having to choose between groceries and gas.  If I don’t get the gas, I can’t get to work.  With kids to feed, I have to buy groceries.  When I was a kid, mom always had a garden but I live in an apartment.  I know I can grow tomatoes on the patio.  Do you know if anything else will thrive in containers?

A:  I am not a gardener so that was a question I had to research.  I googled the phrase ”apartment gardening” and was surprised to find that you can grow almost all vegetables, even some kinds of corn, in containers in your apartment.  You can even do them indoors to give yourself year round fresh vegetables.  Some of the sites I visited were:


I’m sure this will be helpful to many people.  So thanks for asking!  Good luck on your garden.

Q: This is in response to the person who wants to start a garden in their apartment. If she really wants to save money on gas, she should take the bus.

A: I agree that taking public transit to work would save money but that is not always an option for everyone. Her question was not on how to save money on gas. It was on how to save money on groceries. Working with your hands is very relaxing for some people so should have a two-fold effect. She will not only save money on groceries but she has a stress reliever as well.