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Starting a Blog

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Q: I have heard of blogs and kind of know what they are. My question is what do you write on a blog, like stuff thats on your mind or just whatever? And what websites can i logon to to start blogs?.

A: Blogs come in all shapes and sizes. Each site has it’s own primary focus. On this site, I try to answer questions as a mother would do. That’s why it’s called Advice From Mom. I answer questions from readers like you. I also write short articles which give advice that a mom would give. My son has a site call Today I Found Out. He loves learning and so blogs on new things which he has ‘found out’. There are many other sites out there which have written content. These might be self-help, photography, parenting, etc. There are also blogs which give information on how to make crafts and may even sell the finished product. Some sites have no written content at all. These may be maintained by people who love animals and so have animal pictures, or people who enjoy scenery or funny pictures.

If you want to start a blog, you first have to decide what interests you. Do you have expertise in a certain area that others could benefit from? Once you’ve found your niche, you can start a blog. To start a blog, you need to obtain a domain name. Mine is Then choose a hosting service. Designing a website is not something I do but I am informed that there are many tutorials that make this part of your project fairly easy. My husband does all my computer work for me. I only do the writing portion of this site. I recommend that you find another site which has more indepth information regarding websites. I’m certain there are many out there that can give you better information than I have available.

Spam Drives Everyone Crazy!

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Q: Hi there, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks? If so how do you reduce it, any plugin or anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me crazy so any support is very much appreciated.

A: Spam drives everyone crazy! My husband has this female voice that announces: “you have new junk mail. Yippee!” every time a new email comes in. He insists it is almost totally accurate. I don’t have a voice talking to me. I get literally hundreds of spam a day and my poor computer would get hoarse if it had to tell me every time spam arrived. I have a spam filter that does a nice job separating the wheat from the chaff but it occasionally lets through the spam anyway. To avoid allowing the spam to enter my site, no comment is allowed to be published until I push the ‘approve’ button.

To answer your question, I doubt any one spam plug-in is any better than another. Sometimes I think the people sending out the spam have programmed their computers to send them automatically to any email address they have access to. I read a story years ago of a world where humans had annihilated themselves and the computer operated house just continued to set the table and do the dishes and vacuum the floors as if nothing had happened. If humans ever do annihilate themselves, I’m sure the sound of the human voice will continue in my house as it announces to no one ‘You have new junk mail. Yippee!”

Ignore the junk mail. Push the ‘delete’ button and get on with the fun part of blogging. Best of luck to you.

Website Set-Up

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Q: Great discussion and I appreciate your input. Quick question. We are making plans to install wordpress ourselves. Can you point out a good resource for templates and the best plug ins to make it easy for staff to update content in a nice user friendly way? Thx in advance.

A: I had to poll my husband for the answer to this question because I am technologically disadvantaged (which should answer your question about your staff updating content).  We got our wordpress templet through They have free templates and everything you need to set up your site.  Our website hosting is through Voda Host. They offer several website builders along with a video for setting up websites. These websites come with the wordpress blog at no additional cost. He tells me it was quite simple to set up. They have a forum page to ask questions on how to do things and to see what other people do. All that was necessary to set up our wordpress was to add our logo, the pull down options, and contact information.


Is There a Cost for Using This Site?

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Q: Is it free to ask questions or put up comments?

A:  There is no charge for using this site.  Just click on the ”Contact Mom” icon and send me your question or comment.  I will post it with my answer.  If you wish to post an answer of your own to a question, just type in a response in the comment section below the post. All postings go through the administration site to avoid pornography or other issues.  Once they are approved, they will show up on the site.

Website Use

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Q: How cans I begin own post?

A:  If you have a question or discussion you would like to begin, just click on ”Contact Mom”.  The question goes directly to me.  I edit it for profanity or other issues not appropriate for this type of site.  Then I post the question or comment with my answer.  Once it is posted, anyone can respond by making a comment in the section provided below the post.  If you just want to respond to a post already made, just type your response in the comment section below the post.  These comments also go through the administration page to check for content.  I try to check each day for new questions and comments so that answers can be made in a timely fashion.  Once I’ve checked for profanity and advertisements, I simply check ”approve” and your comment is posted under the original question.

Website Plans

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Q: Do you plan related posts in this journal?

A:   If I receive a question, I post an answer.  I allow anyone who wishes to respond to a post to do so through the comment section.  All responses go through the administration page so I can edit out profanity and unrelated advertisements.  Some advertisements I allow if they are related to the question posted.  For instance, the question on prom dresses has a comment posted advising people to check out a prom dress website.  I allowed that because it was pertinent to the question.

Internet Purchases

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Q: I’ve never bought anything off the internet because I keep hearing the news about people who are taking your money but not giving you what you bought. So many other people are buying things especially from Ebay. How can you tell which sellers are not going to rip you off?

A: Dear Carla: All the sites that I know of, have a feedback system. Anyone can read what the feedback says. Feedback is information from other buyers who have purchased something from the person doing the selling. This way, you can check on a seller before you buy something. This feedback will tell you if the seller mails the items he sells quickly. It will tell you if the item is as the seller described. If the seller has sold 50 or more items and most of the people who bought from him are happy, you can feel safe in purchasing something from them. Amazon, a site which primarily sells books, also has a guarantee fo

r the buyer. If you don’t receive your book, Amazon will refund your money. This way, you don’t have to worry as much about the feedback system although they do have one. I don’t know if other sites have that feature or not. I am only aware of the one on Amazon. So mostly, if you want to buy, just read the feedback on the seller to be sure you are going to get what you order.

Computer Passwords

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Q: My sister got an email from someone who said they were Ebay telling her that she needed to give them a new password. How do we know if this is legitimate?

A: NEVER respond to an email requesting your password. Contact Ebay’s customer service department with a copy of the email and ask them if this is a legitimate request from Ebay. It probably isn’t. If you give out your password, thieves can steal your credit card numbers and all your personal information.


Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Welcome we are revising our website. We hope to be back up and running at full capacity in several days